The 1st Bird Blog

The season changes...lots of changes here at Park City Television. Watch us grow.

I am super stoked to be working with KJZZ to bring you a taste of PCTV’s Mountain Views program which I have loved hosting for the last five years.

My life outside of the television studio is pretty similar to the vibe for our show -- tons of live music, friends from across all of Utah being excellent in their fields.  And I’m there, cheering them on.  I always like to say that I’m a Born Fan.  Nowadays, instead of putting my energy behind the (former) San Diego Chargers, I cheer for my Utah friends and colleagues. Much more rewarding...

I’m as likely to spend free time in Salt Lake and Ogden as I am Park City.  To that end, we want Birdman’s Watch to reflect the way in which all of us find our entertainment and quality of life, wherever it may 2am in downtown Salt Lake or 5am at your nearest trailhead.  As the ski season starts again soon, you can be sure I’ll give you updates from all of the resorts on the snow, the vibe, the music and the party.

In the coming weeks I’m excited to visit some of Utah’s most accomplished artists - look out for my chat with the rocking Jordan Matthew Young - as well as Utahns who are making our home a better place to live.

If you see me out and about, whether its my bald head that gives me away or a sick PCTV lid, I’m not hard to spot and always love to chat -- stop me and say hi!